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Before you Advertise, before you build a Website, before you Produce anything.

You need to have your IDENTITY. Digital Strot will built for You.

What is Designing

There’s no limit to what you can get designed at Digital Strot. Whether you’re looking for a spectacular new logo or some stunning flyers, a Fabolous Visiting card or much more, we can make it happen. Digital Strot prides itself on its high-quality designers who deliver only the best graphic design services. Find the right design service for you below and get the design you’ll love today!

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Types of graphic designs

Visual Identity

Logos, business cards, websites

Advertising Design

Banners, Ad creatives, Menus, Emails.

UI-UX Design

Website, App, Landing Pages, Games

Publications Design

Newspapers, Magzines, Catelogs

We have Expertise in the Following Design Category

Logo design

Logo design is very important. It represents the company and what the company does. Font, shape, color and images are included in logo design services.  It’s the remarkable identity of your business.We are purely creative and go for a custom logo design that helps the company create a place for them.

 We design logos that speak the essence of your business and take it to the heart of people.

Logo Maker

Types of logos

Fed ex Logo


HBO Logo


Warner brothers png logo


Mailchimp Logo

Combination mark

Apple Logo


PowerPoint Design

PPT Design

PowerPoint Design

High level visual communication is the core of a powerpoint presentation. And that’s what we are expert in. Our designing minds are best to transform your ideas to an impeccable visual presentation experience. We design beautiful  and informative powerpoint presentations that give you an edge. We design PPTs according to our client’s brand guidelines. Because every business is unique and has something to say.

Digistrot works very hard to design award-worthy PowerPoint presentations. Our goal is for your company and your audience to be impressed, engaged and entertained. Standing in front of your audience and delivering a powerful corporate presentation is what we help you achieve!

Flex/flyer Design

Ensure that your upcoming event or offer flex stands out. We design flex/flyers for utmost success. Make your event a success. We have got all that needs to design a beautiful yet impressive flex hoarding. Your thoughts, our design.

flyer Design
Visiting Card Design

Visiting Card Design

First impression is what lasts long. So why not design an impressive visiting card for your business? We design best suited visiting cards according to the essence of your business. What makes us unique is the client based approach. This little thing brings many more clients, so it needs to be a special one. With so many card design styles available, it remains to be seen why it is important to choose the right design style for the particular message you are trying to convey. Come up with the style that suits your work and don’t be afraid to come up with something original based on the unique ideas. After all, choosing the right design can spark the interest of a new customer!

Visiting Card Design

Make your design with us

ID Card Design

Give your employees a stunning identity. Afterall an ID card is what makes them recognisable. We design the best custom Id cards according to the organisation we  serve. Our ID card design is as unique as your organisation.

ID Card Design
Office Files

Office Files Design

Design your office files with the best layout and outline. We  design office files with optimized layouts so that you never have to put the entry somewhere else.  

Office Files

Office stationery Design

When it comes to business essentials, office supplies printing is considered indispensable. Paper and printing are an integral part of internal office functions.

It is important to create a brand image that is not only unique, but attracts the masses and is also easy to relate to. At the same time, it should also be spontaneously meaningful.


Office stationery

Office stationery designs include

Letterhead design icon

Letterhead Design

voucher Design

Voucher Design

Bill Book Design

Bill Book Design


Envelope Design

Receipt Book Design

Poster Design

Poster Design/Pamphlet design

Make a big impact with stunning posters of your business. We design posters of all kinds – be it school function, your best ad, offers poster, awareness campaign, or anything and everything that needs a poster. You name it, we will design it with utmost information and impact. We offer a variety of posters in a lot of page types. A4 Size Posters, A3 Size Posters, A2 Size Posters, A1 Size Posters, A0 Size Posters, Wall Posters, Decal Posters, Event Posters, Announcements and more.

Brochure design

Want to execute the perfect marketing proposition on a tight budget? Brochures are the best way to boost your business. The right brochure for your organization helps set the tone for everything you want to promote, everything you want to market.


Are your brochures monotonous and less attractive? Don’t worry, we’re here to solve it. We design beautiful brochures that depict the glory of your business. We design e-brochures, enticing brochures and catalogues that your audience will fall in love with.

Brochure Design

Types of brochure designs

Z Fold
Half Fold Brochure
Z Fold
Gate Fold Brochure
Gate Fold
French Fold Brochure
French Fold
Accordion Fold Brochure
Accordion Fold
Double Parallel Fold Brochure
Double Parallel Fold
Restaurant menu Design

Restaurant menu Design

Looking for a designer to design your menu? Menu is the first thing that people demand when they come to a restaurant. So  it needs to have that mesmerizing look and mouth watering feel. We design menus for restaurants with the right kind of graphics that suit your cuisine and dishes. We design menus with love for food.

Why You Should Choose Digital Strot?

Profesional Expert

We have a brilliant creative team at Digital Strot whose primary purpose is to produce logos, flyers, visiting cards, brochures, and other graphic services. In addition, through the company’s style, voice, and messaging, our Graphic Designing team is working to establish a consistent brand image.

Profesional Expert
Termly Updates

Termly Updates

Our Graphic Designing services provide monthly/weekly reporting as a standard feature.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Every client that joins Digital Strot is guaranteed to be entirely satisfied, and this has been the case for the past four years. We are eager to share our knowledge and experience with you in order to help you advance. We are convinced that you will not be disappointed in the same way that our prior clients were.

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Talk To Our Expert for Assistance

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ's)

During our first logo discussion, we talk about the client’s concepts, target market, and intended usage for the logo. We then request samples of existing logos that the customer enjoys or hates in order to obtain a sense of their preferences. Occasionally, the client has a design concept already in mind. Other times, they are completely unsure of what they want. In either case, we make certain that we have gathered sufficient data before beginning work. Our logo design service is easy to understand. If you’d like to see more concepts after our first three, or if you require a few of logo designs for various businesses, our service may be customised to meet your demands.

We require payment in advance for any modest tasks and designs. Before any design work can begin on more advanced projects or complicated artwork, a 50% payment is required. When your files are ready to be given to you, make the final payment.

Once we’ve completed the design process and you’ve paid in full for your final logo design, the copyrights to that specific logo are transferred to you, and you own it. Any original thoughts that aren’t picked are our property. ***Please note that there are some restrictions.

First and foremost, you must describe the type of graphics you require (for print or digital use) and, if possible, provide examples of similar work to demonstrate your vision. Following a brief brief and early design suggestions, you will be able to choose which one you want to pursue and customise to your specific demands. You will receive the final project via email or an external file sharing service.

This procedure will be sped up significantly if you submit information during the initial brief.

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