Bulk Sender 8.3.5

Original price was: ₹3,000.00.Current price is: ₹999.00.

  • Free installation available
  • one time login
  • One-click bulk
  • One year update
  • Group Grabber
  • 1 year update
  • 9am to 6pm(IST) Customer support


bulk messages sender software for sending bulk messages to multiple users in one go in a simple and effective way. This bulk message sender software lets you automatically send multiple variations of a message without the error of spam or duplicitous messages.

Be smart and Use  Bulk Message Sender to convert your leads into customers with engaging tools.  Bulk Messages Sender tool can send bulk messages for marketing purposes.

Instant Download tips for Bulk Messages Sender

🎯 Send unlimited  Bulk Messages to unlimited contacts.
🎯 Send unlimited   Bulk Messages, photos, and documents.
🎯 Import and export data from or into Microsoft Excel and .txt file.
🎯 No need to buy credits to send  bulk images
🎯 Manage multiple Sender ID accounts.
🎯 Track each sending message with instant chat replies.
🎯 Free Updates and Support.
🎯 Runs on Windows Operating System
🎯 Personalized messages contain contact names and custom variables.
🎯 After send get delivery reports.
🎯 Multi attachments sending in one click.
🎯 Multi text messages (Reduce the chance of blocking)
🎯 Advanced sending configurations
🎯 Delay after control X amounts of messages.
🎯 Rotate sender numbers while sending the messages

1. Easy To Use
2. Create And Upload a Database of your potential customers
3. Send Text, Image
4. 100% Delivery On Number
5. In-Built Filter
6. Get Instant Report
8. Lowest Rate In Market

Free support and updates for 1 Year from the Digital Strot Marketing Solution Team

Choose the best products at the best price with the best after service only from DIGITAL STROT MARKETING SOLUTION. Grab it fast and enjoy and send your business messages in bulk SENDER.


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